Identity and style

The Bitossi family has inhabited Tuscany since the 16th century has always worked the land to obtain the clays to be transformed into artistic ceramics, fruit of ingenuity and the hands of generations of artisans.

Today, that same raw land becomes raw material, an original and primordial element whose quality is self-evident.

Creativity and terroir

The manual nature of the work in the vineyard, deep respect for the environmental, the expressiveness of the native grape varieties and an ever-present desire to experiment.
We want to bring tradition into play with modernity, following the natural artistic inclination of a land that has always made creativity its destiny.

For us, Lupinella is the symbol of the convergence between man and nature, between anthropic techniques and environmental inclinations, an icon of an agriculture that lives a constant relationship of reciprocity with the land.

The Bitossi Family

Guardians of biodiversity

For us, organic means much more than not using synthetic products

  • Constant presence in the vineyards
  • Varietal expression without forcing
  • Support for natural soil fertility
  • Use of techniques and traditions aimed at the active defence of local biodiversity
  • Row weeding
  • Sowing of biocompatible plants with vineyards
  • Cover crop